SIG eLearning: Providing a flexible training resource that fits with the busy card payment processing professional, wherever and whenever they handle card data.

Designed by the SIG...for the SIG

The eLearning modules have been designed and developed by the SIG for use by members within their own organisations to support the requirement for providing PCI DSS awareness training. The individual modules are available for download. And maybe used either as standalone learning or launched from the institutions Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or Learning Management System (LMS)

For institutions who wish to record who and when an individual has completed their training, the use of VLE / LMS with the appropriate SCORM version of the module would support such data collection.

PCI DSS Awareness – HE/FE specific – Module 1

This module will provide the user a complete overview of PCI DSS, the need for compliance and the obligations surrounding the protection of card data. The module contains knowledge check points at key sections to re-enforce learning with a final test to confirm completion of the module. Available in Moodle Scorm, standard scorm and no-scorm

PCI DSS Awareness – Generic - Module 1g

This version has been developed for members who have a need for a version of the awareness module that does not contain the HE/FE specific references, for example subsidiary businesses units, conference centres, galleries and theatres, where the business focus is different to HE/FE. Available in Moodle Scorm, standard scorm and no-scorm

PCI DSS Face2face payments - Module 2

Building on module 1, module 2 addresses the face to face payment environment where payments are typically being made using EPOS or chip & pin by the customer. This module is intended to provide the operative working in a face to face payment environment the necessary understanding for supporting secure compliant card management practices.Available in Moodle Scorm, standard scorm and no-scorm ​

How do I get access to the eLearning modules?

These modules are available for all SIG members only and can be downloaded from the Resources section of this website.

If you are not a PCI DSS SIG member institution and would like to join, please contact us for more information.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can help your organisation then email info@pcidsssig.org.uk